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To the long-suffering returning from exodus, Silicon Valley is the land flowing with milk and money. It is the mecca of would-be entrepreneurs making their hajj. It is the Fountain of Youth to those remaking their careers. It is the cosa vera, the genuine article, the real McCoy, the true cloth, the ne plus ultra, the veritable North Star to those venturing forth into the world of startup companies. It is no longer a place much driven by silicon, but would you rather we auctioned naming rights to the highest corporate bidder?



Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley is the story of the life, times, trials and tribulations, loves, families, business partners, students, and college roommates of one-time MIT Professor and Moby Dx co-founder, Max Frood—as told by Princeton graduate Lakshmi Stein. Drink the Kool-Aid or Don't Drink the Kool-Aid? That is the question of this novel. A vivid look at where we live, its characters live, breathe, transform, and sometimes distort the venture business, big data, and biotechnology. Woven throughout is a history of molecular biology innovations and the physicists who made them. Approximately half its events take place in Silicon Valley, and the remainder coast-to-coast in the US, as well as pre-revolutionary Iran, Paris and Normandy, Rawalpindi, Bangalore, East Jerusalem, Lomboc, Macau, and Rhizobia.
Moby Dx was launched as a digital serial in nine releases between January 13 and May 7, 2014. Release 9, the complete Moby Dx is now available in all three popular e-book formats; pdf, epub, and mobi. A print edition will be coming soon.


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About The Author

Dan Seligson

Dan Seligson studied physics at MIT (SB) and UC Berkeley (PhD) before starting a 30-year career in Silicon Valley.

He worked at Intel and held executive positions at, has been advisor to, and founded or co-founded several tech and biotech startups. He has 8 US Patents and others pending in fields as diverse as analog circuit design and immunology-based diagnostics. He's been writing for the drawer and a few friends all along. Here he is in a recent interview with the publisher.

Q: "When did you first begin working on Moby Dx?" A: "My first attempt was in the 11th grade. Nothing remains of that, nor of something I wrote for a class with the playwright A R Gurney in college. A 1990 eulogy to Robert Noyce, the founder of Intel, is the first extant scrap of it. I've been at this a a long time. I hope long enough." Q: "Is this fiction?" A: "Entirely fiction, set in an almost-real world. Well, no. There's a history of modern biology here, one that describes how biology was shaped by the physicists, and that's all true." Q: "How long is the book?" A: "As long as Moby-Dick, or about three times as long as novels favored by today's publishers of commercial fiction." Q: "Why are you releasing this as a serial?" A: "Silicon Valley is a goldmine. There's global interest, struggles for money and power, and it is near the heart of one of the great liberation movements in America today. When I cracked Pynchon's Bleeding Edge in October and discovered he'd tapped into the parallel zeitgeist of Silicon Alley, I realized I might get scooped. This format provides me with the shortest TTM and the greatest flexibility. Serialization allows the reader to scale into the text, and it's a suspenseful delivery vehicle. Also, Dostoevsky did it. I like the idea of Dan Seligson and Dostoevsky appearing in the same sentence." Q: "Is there anything you'd like to tell the audience?" A: "Buy this book. Tell your friends to buy this book. You won't believe what's in it. I promise you'll be entertained, occasionally maybe disgusted, and once or twice perhaps informed. Also, the book passes the Bechdel Test and the Vito Russo Test. Don't be the only one on your digital block to not be in on it. "


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